The secret to growth is in your foundation

I Help Leaders Boost Revenue Using Persuasive Storytelling

Hey! I’m Jorden Lacy. I help passionate leaders develop strong storytelling skills that help bridge communication gaps throughout their organization and improve systems that ultimately drive sales and dramatically improve customer experiences.

Whether you’re running a tech startup or leading a team at a Fortune 500 company, becoming a master storyteller will accelerate your growth (personally and professionally) and empower you in ways that will absolutely blow your mind.

Developing my powers of persuasion and storytelling skills have allowed me to help startups across multiple industries turn a simple story-driven strategy into sales. I’ve even used my strategies to help improve systems and communications for The Walt Disney Company.

What I’ve discovered over the years is that many leaders struggle to communicate their message or value clearly and effectively. The closer you are to your product or service, the harder it can be to communicate with others who aren’t familiar with what you do. This is particularly true for technical teams or marketers in tech who often face the challenge of translating “geek speak” into easily digestible sound bites and dummy proof sales copy that actually moves the needle. And it’s true for teams across ALL industries.

If you’ve ever been frustrated because of an internal or external communications disconnect or potential customers are having trouble seeing the value in your product or service, the Viral Story strategy can help.

Stop working in a vacuum and create a strong brand story for your organization or team that will serve as your communications foundation for years to come.


“Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.”

- Dr. Howard Gardner, Harvard University


 Whether you're making things or making things happen, your story matters.


The quality and effectiveness of the stories you tell directly affect your bottom line, culture and industry authority. Viral Story Media exists to help leaders grow and drive sales by mastering the art of data-driven storytelling. Schedule a free consultation!